Bzorks is how we arrived at Dreamsong where we cocreate our abode . . . we being seven humans, one dog, and a flock of chickens . . . within a hollow that has many names, surrounded by creaking trunks, swaying branches, and whispering leaves. While we’ve been here we’ve planted fruit trees and formed a garden, where we sometimes grow vegetables, berries, herbs, and flowers, and othertimes they grow themselves. We live and learn together from whatever lessons each day provides.

When we tend the garden:: It’s hand tilled and sometimes manured. Seeded. Planted. Sometimes watered. Fenced. To partake of it involves sweat, grime, gritty fingernails, callused palms, wings, sunburned spaces in odd places on your body, wet clothes, tears, and more. It is a labor of love and it’s different every year.

birdsong, flowers, daydreaming, mowing, mud puddles, stone stories and rock bottoms, mandala making, garden, frog catching, trees, dreaming, canning food, tending to the animals, wildcrafting, mowing, wineberry picking, painting, long walks in piles of snow, making snow castles and snow trolls, singing in the rain, laughing, storytelling, card games, bored games, making mead, yogurt and feta cheese, babying babies, crying, tincturing, being with plant, animal, and elemental allies, ferments and sourdough starter, baking bread, dancing, clearing brush, hiking/foraging, playing in the creek, shooting bottle caps off tin cans with bullets, arrows, and pebbles, moments with smoke, mist, and fog, creating, brewing, bubbling, and beaming, finding fairies, newts, and toads, splitting and putting up wood, pruning, writing, visiting with dwarves, housekeeping, hiding out in the trees, campfires, torch fires, newspaper fires, cook fires, (yes, we love the flames), shooting stars, rubber bands, long talks and tall tales, small building projects, with moments in between moonbeams and twinkling stars that we are thank full in . . ….


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