The Coddiwompler

This blog has been through many faces and changes since it began in 2011 as What Was It?  Initially, it was where I’d muse and reflect on adventures in raising and educating my children at home.  My eldest, Layla, joined me at twelve and had her own corner; then it became Creekrose: the musings of a mother and daughter.  She has since moved to her own space in the blogging world.

At some point, I split my blog: this became Dreamsong Vision and Wyrd, a space where I wrote stories and poems, and I moved my homeplace, herbal, and garden ventures to Dreamsong Homestead.  Later still, this morphed into A Pocket of Dreams when I began adding my artwork in an attempt to link this with my Etsy shop by the same name.  Then in 2016 I began a new blog, Weaving Beauty, where I explored forms of creativity as they called . . . writing from dreams and walkabouts, creating with nature, a daily haiku, bi-monthly lunar rituals, and regular journalling were the warp and weft.  In 2017 I signed up for In the Stars with Hali Karla when she first launched it, and added astrology discovered through the lens of art to the weave.

Over the past year or so, many blogs began to feel like too much, so I started bringing them together.  In doing so, I noticed the variety of ingredients I’ve been creating with and an image of a cauldron appeared before my eyes.  Next thing I heard, “You’ve got a coddiwompler’s cauldron alright”, and I knew this is what my blog will be called now::The Coddiwompler’s Cauldron.  If you are unfamiliar with this new word, to coddiwomple is to travel with purpose to an unknown or unspecific destination, which perfectly describes many of my ventures.

So, welcome to The Coddiwompler’s Cauldron, where I am happy to share words, herbs, and colour with you.

Mariam, A Coddiwompler

September 1, 2020

Comments welcome . . .

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