Earth Angel

Maple meets oak infused in water collected from our spring fed pond, where whiskered catfish swim alongside glittering orange koi and dragonflies dart across the surface and perimeter, their shimmering wings rustling in courtship. This is the flower essence I created to use for dipping my brushes in while painting this two path labyrinth and guardian angel. Water meets fire of earth, air dried, elemental, imbued.

Maple flows, sweet sap rising, attuned to natural rhythms in harmony; to sit in a bower of auburn gold maple leaves in autumn is rejuvenating to say the least! Maple simulates sweetness, strength, vitality, and harmony to rise from within, restoring balance where exhaustion has descended, lifting one up from the falling down, renewed.

Oak, hardy old oak, nutty oak where Squirrel scampers, whose branches give space for Owl to land and hoot into the dark, eyes shining. Oak who burns ever so hot, fire warming the hearth through the long, dark night. Oak wisdom is two fold, like this two path labyrinth:: for those who take on everything, burning through their mighty inner reserves until feeling as ash, Oak gives a nudge toward resting and bending, surrendering rather than breaking with a resounding crash, yet for those in need of endurance, determination, the courage to keep going and growing, Oak nudges toward doing more than you believe yourself capable of, toward rising grandly rooted, strong and indomitable, sharing those nuts.

The word Ya Razzaq is written on the bottom right corner (when viewing) and inked with gold paint. It is Arabic in origin and the Divine attribute for provision, sustenance, and most importantly the wisdom to know what to do with the resources provided as well as being resourceful in reciprocity, meaning to be rooted in abundant blessings and circulating them back in turn. Ya Razzaq also facilitates digging into hidden reserves, deep down, and steadily uncovering resources, bringing them into awareness and perception.

This labyrinth is suited for meditation, healing, and accessing inner guidance that relates to the combined properties infused into the work of art, given by the leaf essences, the colors orange and green (corresponding to the chakras of the same color), and the divine attribute of Ya Razzaq. The seven mirrors were placed with the purpose of enhancing reflection on navigating your journey.

The painting is on 11″ x 14″ canvas with 3/4″ sides where the painting continues. Display it on a wall (it has a small hanger on the back), prop it on a tabletop or altar to enjoy, or stand infront of it and use your finger to ‘walk’ the two paths of the labyrinth.

Simply stand in a quiet place with the labyrinth infront of you, and trace the circuits with your finger; unlike a classic labyrinth, where you enter, center, release, and return on the same path, this one leads to the center on one path from where it fluidly continues outward, so there is no return but a continuum instead, flow like water.

If you are a Reiki practitioner or energy worker, you may find this of use for your clients.


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