Garden Days

“Garden Days”
Mixed Media Acrylics on Cold Press Watercolour Paper

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    1. They’re my favorite from this series, followed by Beaver and Fox! Glad this spoke to you 🙂 Have recently been thinking about what to do with all these pieces, they sort of pile up even after gifting .. . to show in galleries requires framing which is so incredibly expensive . . . went to a few art festivals this weekend and had serious framing drool where the artists framed their own work, but learning framing just doesn’t call me.
      Anyway, a happy day to you Ka, you must be enjoying your wee one intensely ❤

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      1. I hear you. When I used to make art, my work would pile up, and I agree about framing. It was also hard for me to let the pieces I made go. It’s a challenge. My mom is an artist also, and struggled with the framing as well!

        Yes, we are experiencing so much joy with our little one! 💗 Happy Day to you, too.

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