Fire Inside

We walk on fire Though hidden from our eyes It churns and bubbles Within a crusty crucible Though hidden from our eyes Beneath our feet it rumbles Within a crusty crucible Hot molten lava Beneath our feet it rumbles We sense it stirring in our belly Hot molten lava The ember at our core We... Continue Reading →

Autumn’s Fancy

Autumn’s full of flair, Shaking out her crimson hair, Fancy, she sipped tumblers filled With sunlight that in summer spilled, And now she beams while letting go Ablaze before the fall.


The woodpecker way, Needle nosing to uncover what’s hidden, Not for the sake of idle nosy-ness But to get through layers Where necessary nourishment lives, One feeding the other, In the movement a transference Of information, Though let’s call them spores or a fungal frolic Dancing to a drilling drum beat The woodpecker way.


Everyday the songbird came Pecking her head and calling her name, Wake up wake up you’ve gathered dust Wake up wake up it’s spring you must! Day after day she lay asleep Day after day dreaming long and deep Until the day dust flew up her nose And on that day she sneezing rose. Come... Continue Reading →

Peace Poems: 7

In times of furor Walls won’t silence this music These songs of freedom Listen, says the nightingale, Fervor is tempered with grace  


She practices devotion Crafting perfumes that uplift souls Teetering on the brink of madness She brings them to banks rich with wild rose Crafting perfumes that uplift souls From lavender worlds where dew drops dream She brings them to banks rich with wild rose As one, songbirds greet the dawn From lavender worlds where dew... Continue Reading →


and in the remnants of what was torn - open seams picked apart millimeter by millimeter crawling on fine liner legs, all one hundred across gravel mandibles tearing what was worn - in this pile of threads, pink yellow orange, swished into a pan azure linens, an inch here a centimeter there, carefully weighed and... Continue Reading →

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