Wind Dancing

Strained reishi tincture and separated the mushrooms from alcohol. Now it’s bubbling in a pot of water, simmering down to add back to the tincture. Next door to it is usnea, gathered off blown down branches, the strewn strands are stewing in water for bottling with alcohol. These two plants. These two allies. These two... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Women

Red Solar Skywalker GAP 9.13.17 Baseer is seated cross-legged on a moss covered rock overlooking the expanse of blue sky. It is a clear day, though the air is heavy with damp residue from days of rain. The sky melds into dark blue and gray ridges, peaks undulating, dipping down and cresting high. A small... Continue Reading →

Bread and Butter

White Spectral Worldbridger 3.30.17 The car is decidedly not mine despite having been left here for me with keys in the ignition that work. It’s navy blue, a station wagon like mine, but it has rails on the roof and it’s clean, shiny. The windows, including the windshield and rear window, all have levers to... Continue Reading →

Granny Witchfire

White Lunar Mirror 2.10.17 Full Moon in Leo, Lunar Eclipse GAP “Listen,” I say to Baseer, “This is how it happened.  I greeted the crow and it flew into my mouth, put the fire in my belly, but the crow was carrying the fire for the ones who gave it to me.  You see, once,... Continue Reading →


Red Planetary Skywalker GAP 2.5.17 Beaver’s last day is spent swimming and floating in the Green Lady’s tranquil cauldron. The Green Lady. She’s preparing a brew with Beaver tea, the scent of vanilla imbued in every ripple sent out by an elegant flick of Beaver tail, diving and surfacing, basking in the sun. They call... Continue Reading →

Seeing Woman

1.11.17 Yellow Spectral Star The Indian had long black hair that was parted in the middle and swept his neck over his shoulders in a shiny cascade ending between his shoulder blades. He wore a light blue denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up, tucked under a woven chocolate brown leather belt that kept his... Continue Reading →

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