Mid-Summer Swinging

O will you lay with me Beneath a shady tree, On a ship we'll set a sail Row out to meet a whale, Under the clear bright skies We'll swing and shut our eyes, O will you come with me Out to the apple tree. summer days . . .  rains washed out the patchwork... Continue Reading →


Eleven days ago, after daytime preparation,  we rehived the new package of bees early in the evening.  First we put the queen cage in and left the plug exposed so the bees could eat her out.  Put the two fondant screens in, then the box, minus lid and can, and closed up the hive.  Left... Continue Reading →

Bee dreams

We go through a five gallon bucket of honey every ten months, which we've been buying bulk from a local beekeeper.  Last year we thought we'd try beekeeping ourselves, so we visited with the beekeeper who told us most of what we needed to do to keep bees.  First thing was having a beehive.  We... Continue Reading →

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