Mid-Summer Swinging

O will you lay with me Beneath a shady tree, On a ship we'll set a sail Row out to meet a whale, Under the clear bright skies We'll swing and shut our eyes, O will you come with me Out to the apple tree. summer days . . .  rains washed out the patchwork... Continue Reading →

Springing Along

Lilac has perfumed the air and blossomed; the wind and rain have blown away spent blooms but not before we gathered flowers to infuse in a syrup that's handy to soak pound cake with, drizzle over pancakes, or add a splash to lemonade later in the year, a reminder of lovely lilac days.  Spring is... Continue Reading →

two little birds

  For I want to be in the light with you In those spaces between branches Where the rocks glow soft with moss freshly sprung While the children gather pinecones and sing.   In those spaces between branches Lay your head on my lap While the children gather pinecones and sing I’ll comb your beard... Continue Reading →


It was one day that I heard our dog, Clover barking and so I walked toward the door of our house and looked out. I did not see any thing but I did hear some squawking and the flapping of wings. Then I saw some shadows passing over the ground. It was a sunny day... Continue Reading →

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