Baadshah Salaamat

Lucky White Dog Wavespell  Yellow Spectral Sun 3.4.17 “Sultan Badshaah Salaamat has built his palace on a sandy hillock overlooking the sea. It’s peachy domed roof rises up like a breast complete with pointed nipple, saluting the sky above it. The palace has curvaceous windows cut out of its walls, where Sultan Badshaah Salaamat likes... Continue Reading →

On Learning

2.15.17 Blue Resonant Night Some people say to learn and become educated you must study the works of other learned people, read their writings, pour over their style of painting, and all this will get you ‘there’ faster. At the essence of this way of learning is imitation and absorption; with the hope that you’ll... Continue Reading →

Generous Allies

2.15.17 Blue Resonant Night The day Possum came, it was to give me medicine, to show me something: keep your ground, eyes focused on the threat, when dangerously outnumbered or cornered, play dead, even if it means diving into a cistern without access to an obvious exit; just dive, act, figure the rest out later.... Continue Reading →

Granny Witchfire

White Lunar Mirror 2.10.17 Full Moon in Leo, Lunar Eclipse GAP “Listen,” I say to Baseer, “This is how it happened.  I greeted the crow and it flew into my mouth, put the fire in my belly, but the crow was carrying the fire for the ones who gave it to me.  You see, once,... Continue Reading →


Red Planetary Skywalker GAP 2.5.17 Beaver’s last day is spent swimming and floating in the Green Lady’s tranquil cauldron. The Green Lady. She’s preparing a brew with Beaver tea, the scent of vanilla imbued in every ripple sent out by an elegant flick of Beaver tail, diving and surfacing, basking in the sun. They call... Continue Reading →


8.12.16 Visionary Blue Eagle Wavespell “Screee Wheee Wheee Screeee, Wheee, Eeeeeee,” sang the child happily, running pitter patter up and down the hall way. “Screee Wheee Wheee,” sang the kitchen knife slicing across and through his neck. “There’ll be no more of that!” spat Rumana Rubblebum, the giantess, as she picked up the child’s head... Continue Reading →

Babaji,Jack, and Jill

7.21.16 Flowing Red Moon They met in Madasgascar on a boat trip to the Baobao Bobbing Tree; a great ancient tree that was uprooted and replanted, roots facing up to the Heavens. This was back in the days when trees talked and moved, strutting their stuff, and this bobbing baobao was the proudest and vainest... Continue Reading →


6.5.16 Grounding Red Earth Wavespell Orca on her side on deck. Her eyes are closed, her left side up, her belly exposed. Creamy guts coiled out. What's this about? Ambergis? Smuggling? There are two men taking from her. Taking what's not being given. Red head with big whiskered mustachios, sideburns, tropical shirt, sipping papaya and... Continue Reading →

Foxfire Man

5.21.16 Blossoming Yellow Seed Wavespell "She knows the past, she forecasts the future; she knows how to turn maxims, and solve riddles; she has foreknowledge of signs and wonders, and of the unfolding of the ages and the times." ~ Book of Wisdom 8 Foxfire man came to me at night, his hair back lit... Continue Reading →

Dandelion and Toad

4.28.16 Reflecting White Mirror Wavespell “Move, to where and what for?” Asked Toad, from where he sat hidden by fuzzy burdock leaves; their giant heart shapes stood upright on sturdy stalks streaked with crimson forming a canopy of shade above him. “Well, you’ve been sitting there for days now! Whatever are you doing?” She inquired.... Continue Reading →

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