First Night: Ashem Vohu

12.10.18 White Resonant Worldbridger "ASHEM VOHU, VAHISHTEM ASTI USHTA ASTI, USTA AHMAI HYAT ASAI VAHISHTAY ASHEM On waking up in the morning. When lighting a Divo. Before meals, interview* or exam*. Anytime you start something or come across a hurdle or danger. The next time you see an ambulance or Fire Engine with sirens blaring... Continue Reading →

I Am Eagle

11.29.18 Blue Solar Eagle Let’s revisit Madagascar for a moment, travel to the land of the Bobbing Baobao Tree’s, where Jack and Jill sit side by side on a blue bench headed to the holy sight. Here we’ll soar in the blue skies above, and as Eagle we’ll watch for a particular moment to cast... Continue Reading →

I Am Dolphin

I am Dolphin. I sing as I nuzzle water and swim. I am Dolphin. I am in my element wriggling under the surface, liquid smooth. I am Dolphin. I inhale sunlight, exhale rainbows and shimmers. I am Dolphin. I follow my nose as I dive deep with eyes wide open. I pick up Starfish. They... Continue Reading →


9.27.18 Yellow Spectral Human Wind picks up sheets, rising water overflows, and the saturated ground squelches underfoot. I step into the opening and begin walking toward the dim distant light. The ground is muddy near the entrance, then changes to gritty damp under my bare feet a little further in. I walk toward the dim... Continue Reading →

Jasper’s Piggly Wigglies

Red Planetary Skywalker GAP Five little pigs finished their yogurt, oats and apples on a sweltering morning. They licked their bowls clean, and wiped beads of sweat from their faces; each with a red handkerchief. Then they looked at each other. The first little pig said, “Well I’ll be going to market”. And he picked... Continue Reading →


Rainmaker dances, a wild electric dance, she courts thunder to come clap alongside her, she calls her sisters to join her trance. There are four rainmakers dancing, their electric hair streaming wildly white, black eyes flashing as feet pound minty music. The sound of rain pouring comes, thunder claps loudly, and black clouds roll their... Continue Reading →

Weaving. Woman.

5.28.18 White Rhythmic Dog GAP The mechanics of weaving I have yet to grasp. Truth be told, I do not know whether I'll grasp the mechanics in a rational mind based way, perhaps, anything is possible. As it is, the warp threads have been tied onto the apron rod, and then I wound them up,... Continue Reading →

Wind Dancing

Strained reishi tincture and separated the mushrooms from alcohol. Now it’s bubbling in a pot of water, simmering down to add back to the tincture. Next door to it is usnea, gathered off blown down branches, the strewn strands are stewing in water for bottling with alcohol. These two plants. These two allies. These two... Continue Reading →

I Am Tree

Blue Self-Existing Night GAP 3.22.18 Fired up. Triggered. Pulling the trigger on myself, though the mind seeks ways to rig me up and point fingers away, truly it’s doing the trigger pulling, it’s self-triggered, riggered, jiggered. How do we come to be so ‘full of ourselves’ anyway? One body with multitudes within, where do they... Continue Reading →


Red Self-Existing Earth 2.24.18 Angels. Winged beings or filaments of light? Incorporeal? Agents who move between places and people, guiding them by means empathic? Angels. Higher beings, though not as high as humans according to The Book . . . why do we call children angels? Oh you sweet angel! What are angels? Who are... Continue Reading →

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