"The sound of salaams rising as waves diminish down in prayer, hoping for some trace of the one whose trace does not appear.If anyone asks you to say who you are, say without hesitation, Soul within soul within soul.There is a pearl diver who does not know how to swim.No matter. Pearls are handed him... Continue Reading →

Journaling with Maulana Rumi

Reading the Maulana's poems grounds me, provides comfort, and also opens doors to contemplation. They are a source of awe, wisdom, and inspiration that ever inform; that centuries after he lived his words are relevant today I find breathtakingly marvelous! I've been wondering: if he lived today, what would come forth? Following the thread from... Continue Reading →

metamorphosis equalizes

~~blessed trails and a magical equinox to you this day as we turn toward buttery pies and darkening skies ahead::it's a digging into the worm rich soil, a skeletal stalky garden with seedheads silhouetted bird food here, a hint of green in plantain, lettuce, kale, grasshopper basking in the sun while the busy ants make... Continue Reading →

Magical Giving

A lady we know has fallen ill and not only has she been unable to work for a month, but is having difficulty finding a doctor who will perform the surgery she needs.  She's got an appointment scheduled for December and in the meantime is in a lot of pain.  We know her through the... Continue Reading →

Play Is Work

A year of learning through play.  The woods are home to a number of snares and no less than three 'hideouts', all built in different shapes and sharing sticks, twigs, pine needles, grasses, and logs in common.  One has a fire pit with a propped window to direct the smoke.  Another has walls and a... Continue Reading →

odds and ends

Inbetween repairing the greenhouse cover and planting seeds in the  cold frame amidst the reviving lettuce, chard, kale, spinach, and parsley, we've found some time to do a few lessons :0)  They came out of the tales we've been telling involving Thor, Loki, and other Norse heroes.  Little Man began working on roman numerals, I-X, and... Continue Reading →

playing in the snow

snow: it's wonderful.  water that's frozen, but not quite ice.  it's fluffy, but hardens up and can be moved and built with.  really, it's an amazing teacher. watching it fall is so incredible,  all that soft soft whiteness that somehow transforms the landscape and grows into so much.  and then there's how quickly it vanishes, in the... Continue Reading →

Winter Musings

The moon waxes full.  Winter has settled in.  I can tell because my thoughts have turned toward the garden: starting seeds, what i'll be planting, where what will go, repairing the greenhouse door, and all things involving growing.  This cold season is so tremendous in its ability to bring out life force, even though everything... Continue Reading →

on intentions, transformation, and teachings

due to our whooping cough condition we quarantined ourselves from the usual thanksgiving gathering, which we’ve attended over the past five years.  this was a great disappointment to everybody as it forms our annual visiting with all the people we know, in every far flung corner of the county.  it was pretty hard to remain firm in... Continue Reading →

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