Equinox Blessings

Nowrooz Blessings on this glorious morning of the Vernal Equinox coupled with Lady Moon in her fullness at night, what a beautiful alliance! May the seeds we sow with nurturing sprout and grow, flourish, and provide nourishment. May the tart and puckering moments that smart also bear medicine and illumination, as do sumac berries, as... Continue Reading →

Turning Over

Turning over to a new year as orbits intersect and give us vernal equinox, springing crocuses, daffodils, rainbows, and warm wormy soil to dig around in. Winter was mild this year, dry, low on rain and snow although we received a driveway frozen at the last minute, winter winds blew in to say, We're going... Continue Reading →

Magnetic Warrior Nowrooz

May we dream deeply, clearly, and well the abundance; bringing back inspiration, stories, and healing to share with one another and in all our relations. May we have each others backs, giving and receiving with compassion and kindness, engaging with one another in ways that strengthen our bonds; letting go of what no longer serves... Continue Reading →

Monkey Nowrooz

3.20.16 Transforming Blue Storm Wavespell Sofreh Nowrooz::compass, map, medicine wheel, magical device sets tone for New Year mojo and intention, navigating journey of exploration in walkabout co-creating cohabiting harmonic communion in companionship with all beings through arrangement of symbols presenting relationship between tribe and all beings necessary to nurturing and nourishing vibrations:: Apple sweet beauty... Continue Reading →

metamorphosis equalizes

~~blessed trails and a magical equinox to you this day as we turn toward buttery pies and darkening skies ahead::it's a digging into the worm rich soil, a skeletal stalky garden with seedheads silhouetted bird food here, a hint of green in plantain, lettuce, kale, grasshopper basking in the sun while the busy ants make... Continue Reading →

Nowrooz Felicitations

Today is Nowrooz, where light and dark are present equally.  It is the one consistent celebration that has traveled with me from place to place, the one constant that traveled with my migratory family from place to place.  It is in our bones and sings to us wherever we might be:: the irresistible call ::... Continue Reading →

Magical Giving

A lady we know has fallen ill and not only has she been unable to work for a month, but is having difficulty finding a doctor who will perform the surgery she needs.  She's got an appointment scheduled for December and in the meantime is in a lot of pain.  We know her through the... Continue Reading →

Play Is Work

A year of learning through play.  The woods are home to a number of snares and no less than three 'hideouts', all built in different shapes and sharing sticks, twigs, pine needles, grasses, and logs in common.  One has a fire pit with a propped window to direct the smoke.  Another has walls and a... Continue Reading →

odds and ends

Inbetween repairing the greenhouse cover and planting seeds in the  cold frame amidst the reviving lettuce, chard, kale, spinach, and parsley, we've found some time to do a few lessons :0)  They came out of the tales we've been telling involving Thor, Loki, and other Norse heroes.  Little Man began working on roman numerals, I-X, and... Continue Reading →

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