Fifth Night: Fleshing Bones

White Spectral Dog GAP 12.14.18 This is what I do when the winter spirit curls itself around Snow soaked boots, seeps under wet socks Settles into toes and climbs to give A frigid embrace, chilling me to the bone I hop aboard a boat hewn of frosty crystals with branches of pine and birch for... Continue Reading →

Second Night: I Feel Words

Blue Galactic Hand 12.11.18 I trudge through piles of pink blue snow. Fresh flakes quickly fill the path I leave as they land, feather light. The path disappears under snowy mounds disturbed by my lumbering legs; they shift and slide, soft and deep, eating up my trail. There is a glow ahead, glimmering between the... Continue Reading →

Swimming into Solstice

12.9.17 Yellow Overtone Sun Softened edges, entering a mythic landscape with Cat Caracelo, down into a place of mystery, shifting into a place of stillness. Where are you, where is the beginning of your path? What time of day is it? What is the tone? What are you wearing? Step on the path and allow... Continue Reading →

Lunar Worldbridger

Solstice dawning tomorrow. Today, I walk. I walk with my basket where treasures new and old lay side by side. Gifts I've received that have fueled me over time, with healing, with joy, with delight, with wonder, with reverence, with gratitude. In the middle I set down three lobes, these fungus bracts from a tribe... Continue Reading →

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