Weaving Beauty

Weaving Beauty was a coddiwomple to be sure; a journey in I initiated in 2016 that lasted four full years with no specific destination in mind.  The main focus was exploring forms of creativity as they called . . . writing from dreams and walkabouts, creating with nature, a daily haiku, bi-monthly lunar rituals, and regular journalling were the warp and weft.  In 2017 I signed up for In the Stars with Hali Karla when she first launched it, and added astrology discovered through the lens of art to the weave.  Four years later, the process and engagement in this journey had worked its magic and I put it to rest, though I continue to weave beauty.  I’ve shared here some of what came together during those four years.

12.27.18 Blue Spectral Night

che ajab
ke imrooz deedam
ba jang boodam,
oon darde dilam
khodam sakhtam!

ta eenja
too een baghe eram aamadam
va kinaare abaane to
dilam ba sheereeni por shod
ba narmee aazaad shod.

ey hooshang to deedee
engaar tooye een sang
gole aadar mehmoone!

che ajab
ke eenjaa
andare beheshte royaa
oon fereshtehe abaan
too aahange parandeye aabee
baa man payam daad

az een sharbate aabe zam zam benoosh
aabaad sho
por rang sho!

5.2.18 Yellow Rythmic Seed

Set up and weaving today!!


3.19.18 Yellow Magnetic Sun

Heart Wisdom and Gudiance from Chögyam Trungpa

“There is a saying in the Tibetan scriptures: “Knowledge must be burned, hammered, and beaten like pure gold. Then one can wear it as an ornament.” So when you receive spiritual instruction from the hands of another, you do not take it uncritically, but you burn it, you hammer it, you beat it, until the bright, dignified color of gold appears. Then you craft it into an ornament, whatever design you like, and you put it on.”


And the warping continues on . . .

The loom is a body designed to hold a warp upon which to weave.

The warp set up becomes the core upon which the ensuing weaving happens::the weaving can only be as good as the warp, as good as the threads selected to run through heddles and reed, as good as the attention and care with which the warp is set up::the warp is the body.

The body is the warp.  The body gives room for weaving to happen.

Today I weave peace, breathing it into my body.

Today I weave joy, breathing it into my body.

Today I weave love, breathing it into my body.

Today I weave light, breathing it into my body.

Today I weave healing, breathing it into my body.

Today I weave into the warp of my body . . .

The warp is the warp, the set of biology and genes and ancestral information threaded and sleyed upon the loom.

The warp is the warp, once set, it is what it is; the only variations that may be made are adjusting the tension, how the threads are tied to the pedals, determining what goes up and what goes down, some threads may break and repairs tie them back together though weaker than before.

The warp is the warp, it’s the body for weaving.

The warp is the warp, sometimes a warp may be continued onward by adding onto the threads and pulling them through into continuity.

The warp is the warp, the body that holds the weaving.  Get that warp set well, and then choose what to weave through, creating a tapestry, shawl, mat, altar cloth, something old, something new.  Learn while warping, for the warp is the beginning and the ending and the beginning  . . . .


The rose red road rises to greet me as I step out this year in Luminous Service to and with and in the Luminous, with this prayer:

May my gaze be clear, seeing the illusions, the masks, the hidden, as well as the true nature of what lives in and beyond the obvious in all that my eyes behold.

May my vision be soft, as well as sharply focused, seeing around the edges and in between, appreciating the beautiful, cutting away the shells and husks, illuminating through mist and fog, penetrating the heart of what is seen, shining upon what needs to be seen, perceiving and filtering with clarity and insight.

May my eyes shine brightly upon the rose red road and its beings, may they see the rainbow spectrum, the auras, the light in all life.

May my mouth consume what I love::Ahmad hunted his first hunt this year at thirteen, he brought home deer, he brought home many days of sitting and waiting for that deer, he brought home patience,discipline, steadiness, intention, and prayer in his attitude and approach to how he brought home that food for us, his tribe.

May our mouths consume meat that has been greeted this way, meat that is animals we love and delight in, deer that drink with us from creek, eat of the same apples, dear deer, may we eat what and who we love and live with in this way::intimately.

May we be blessed with such food, in all our eatings, that what we eat IS all that we love embodied while live and enlivening as we meet, greet and eat with gratitude, all food peoples from plant to mineral to flesh; eating thus gratitude, and growing in intimacy with all our relationships here in the universe, body and soul.

May Ahmad’s hand be steady, his aim true, his intention pure, his mind greeting where his feet have led him when on his wild hunts.

May our hands be gentle, careful, and firm yet caressing, our hearts open in love, our intention pure, and our minds inclusive when we dig our earth mother, seeding her and weeding her and working with her in growing plants to feed us as well as her and those that suckle off her mounding bosom, worm bird caterpillar slug toad grasshopper.

May we create an abundant bounty of food in love and harmony for all of us beings here whose Mother she is to be served, to eat and ingest and digest toward wholeness, vitality, and luminosity.

May we touch and be touched by love, embraced lovingly and tenderly.

May the aromas and fragrances we inhale be fresh, clear, and delicious as they circulate through our bodies and enter the heart bearing joy and love to the center.  May our exhalations remove from within that which is stale, old, and stagnant for the trees to turn around with their inhalations, purifying as exhalation.  May we breathe in gratitude and breathe out gratitude in return, breath exchanges cleansing and deeply fulfilling.  May we follow our nose to the springs of sweet water, to the magical realms of tree giving, to sacred singing places, to where our nose knows what our hearts desire even when hidden from mind’s eye, in trust, entrusting our nose to play its role and rolling with what blessings come.

May the sounds we hear bear harmony and fullness, throaty tunes, chirping music, tones that tell a tale, stories bespoken with cadence and character.  May our hearts hear what the ear allows entrance to, filtering and circulating what it needs and what it doesn’t, the body attended to thus attending to our waxing and waning in health and harmony and ease.

May our exertions be sweaty, our labor and toil fruitful.

May our rest dream us awake with vision, insight, gifts for sharing and implementing on our journey spirals through galaxies as travel and adventure in reciprocity, every step shaping something beautiful along the way for beings who come along to be with and enjoy.


Winding along and warping to do threading of heddles together!


Zoom zoom zoom::  The warping began about four years ago in spirit, two years ago as Weaving Beauty, last year the fifteen year loom was given to us again by Lindy, met Fran at the B.V Art Show and went to see looms in motion at her workplace at Project Horizon this January, yarn was bought, then at storytelling circle last month threads pulled through in meeting Cathy.

A day later a warping board was found then kept for me, a week later I had it, then she came up and we wound the yarn bought early this year and prepared a chain that went to the loom in the cabin::crossed on sticks and heddling begun, she had to run, so I finished up with the boys the fun a few days before my forty first birthday; now onward to winding warp and chain again, heddling threadling on the loom, zoom forward, beauty’ll be woven in that cozy room!

Dreams do come true with attention and focus, hocus pocus, vroom vroom!


This year has been a curious unfolding journey, a voyage in self-discovery and practicing sacred arts daily, distilling what vibrates with me deep within to select morsels from the array of options that beckon to further hone or cast aside in the upcoming year.  A wool gathering and carding, a spinning of yarn in preparation for the warping board trusting that the loom will have the reed sleyed and shuttle flying to create pretty shawls and tapestries on while singing dulcet music.


Because life is a delightful journey when the eye beholds beauty and brings it into the heart, opening the doors to wonder from where surprise, joy, gratitude, grace, and love are warped onto the loom then wefted with the wisps and waters that emerge to form a whole, steadily growing weaving rolling toward service as a shawl to wrap around shoulders.  A beauty full shawl for all seasons imbued with trust, devotion, and dedication.

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