Earth Woman

8.3.16 Communicating White Wind Wavespell

Walking, I am surrounded by cohabitants on this good hummusy place on the planet, most of whom are not human. Rabbit has scurried under the blackberry canes bending over one another to form a thorny barrier, a secure place for Rabbit to wait quietly while my big feet carry me away from his meal of Jewelweed. He was nibbling when I came by, on the stalks and stems that bear bright orange pods dangling parallel with the ground; they look like boats to me. Boats to forgotten lands and future times, quickly my thought is interrupted by thrumming and there, in the brilliant waxy scarlet flowers covering the roof to an old ramshack, slowly being devoured by vines and bines and brambles, home to vultures, mice, snakes, and spiders the shattered glass and rotten doors allowing easy access to people seeking a place to inhabit, there’s Hummingbirds; a pair diving into the blossoms as big as themselves, maybe even bigger, where they drink. This is a busy place with comings, goings, sittings, flyings, scuttlings; who is out and about and I don’t even see them though they see me?

I walk on, pausing from time to time to drink in the smell of Bee Balm, observe how Milkweed has dried up and gone to pod and husk already, early it seems. I stand there in sunlight on the rocky bumpy driveway and listen: Bee Balm, Yarrow, Chicory, Queen Anne, and Prunella are loud this year. They speak of guts, bitterness, bile, (s)kin. They speak of healing these places and digging in to dig life, really deeply in ways that take guts, include the bitter and transform it, flushing away the toxic, giving care to (s)kin. They have voices, though perhaps they seem voiceless to many humans, they are not. I hear them where I stand amidst them, listening, and I extend my hand and receive their gifts with thanks.

Walking, I marvel at kinship, I journey well with the cohabitants of this place that we belong to. A flash of red and spotted Salamander looks at me from way down below on the hummusy rich ground.

“You certainly enjoy your experience of our fellowship, but what do you do to share this with others so that we, Wee as we are, will enjoy our experience on this good Gaian Earth for generations to come? Your kind are rapidly devouring the planet, destroying the very water and air that we rely on for our survival. And we, Wee, survive not only for ourselves but as part of a communion, a relationship with everything; while your kind may not recognize this: how your kind survives and evolves is connected to and interdependent on what happens to all the rest of us, non-humans; objectified and classified as Wee are! So what are you doing, beside enjoying your singular experiences on your walkabouts?”

He quit blinking then and stared ahead and I walked on, full with his question. What am I doing for them, these non-humans who I love and experience deep kinship with? Often more than I do with my own human kind! Heron, Hummingbird, Owl, Coyote, Butterfly, Bee, Hornet, Wasp, Ant, Sparrow, Oriole, Koi, Turtle, Hawk, Vulture, Toad, Frog, Snake, Newt, Crow, Bear, Damselfly, Dragonfly, Whale, Goat, Lion, and then all the Mushroom, Tree, and Plant Folk I could name by name over pages! How often have I delighted and learned from our companionship? They have cradled me, uplifted me, given me wings to soar on, limbs to climb with, fins and tails to swim. They have nourished me and nurtured me and taught me medicine ways. What am I giving them? I haven’t considered myself able to give them anything! But Salamander asked, and Salamander isn’t verbose; there’s something to the question. I feel it in my gut. I stop and breathe, rub away a few fleas buzzing about my eyes and neck. I notice Frog on the wagon buried deep in Knotweed where it had been parked earlier this year, open and visible then; now it is hidden and Frog is levitating amidst bamboo like stalks. He looks at me look at him.

“Yes, I saw you pass by earlier though I didn’t want to be seen then. You’ve got something on your mind I can tell, stick with it, you’ll figure it out,” he says reassuringly.

I thank him for his encouragement and walk on passing Grasshopper along the way. A breeze blows leaves off the trees, they lay on grasses like yellowed pages, mottled and speckledy dotted.

They capture my attention for a while and I am transported to where a boy has slit open his palm and dropped blood on Salamander; he is swearing an oath to only support and cast his vote for what he stands for, what represents what he stands for, to see and listen for who is being represented before giving power to anyone, for deep in his gut he stands with his humanity for the cohabitants of this universe, he will be the voice of the voiceless and invisible, humankind has enough advocates for themselves, he will be the voice of non-humanity. The boy rapidly grows and I travel forward where now he is President. He’s installed Lions and Tigers to preside in his military, he’s instated Birds, Turtles, and Trees in his judiciary, and his congress is made up of Bees, Butterflies, Wolves, Bears, and Humans amongst others. He’s taken charge and forged on ahead, destroying and devastating status quos that have self-served humans alone, repainted the white house with all colors of Rainbow and is ruling with integrity and pride, carte blanche. He is nobody’s puppet nor anybody’s fool. He has the wisdom of Owl, the cunning of Fox, the speed of Leopard, the vision of Eagle, the tenacity of Ram, the nobility of Horse, the knowledge of Whale, the delicacy of Butterfly, the fire of Yellow Jacket, and the majesty of Lion. He is well informed by the very elements and sub-molecular particles and is beloved by an enormous web of life overseen by Spider. And with his coming everything changes. The universe is transformed into a place where I know All My Relations, my children, their children, and the children of Salamander and Frog and all my beloved Kinfolk will have places of belonging; their survival a matter of dominance and relevance, included in a big dream for All People and this boy, he knows how to make it so. So it will be.

I walk on to check on the inoculated logs. Creek is singing happily and Sassafras leaves make a demulcent thirst-quenching nibble. They have a funny flavor unlike anything else. Distinctive. Later I brew a tea with Sassafras, Bee Balm, Spicebush, Comfrey, Yarrow, and Queen Anne. I’m warmed, fired up, peppery, able to make distinctions when I read an article that asks, “Who Will Speak for the Voiceless?” and I have a gut response instantly that says, “I will.”

And I know, deep in my bones, that while I don’t know how in a ‘big’ way this moment in thought, it will come because there is a pattern emerging, showing me that I know how in a smaller way. It’s what I’ve been doing when painting, when writing stories, when sharing photographs coupled with poetry: giving a face and voice to represent these beings to humankind, my way of saying, “see, see them, they all live here too, see them and remember them so that you may include and consider them when making choices, for these beings are effected by what you do much more than you imagine.”

In my gut there is bitterness being moved and flushed, there are distinctions merging and emerging, there is self-healing occurring at a cellular infinitesimal level, there is marriage and movement, and somehow I will wade through and with the waters eddying from Creek to Ocean until the pieces come together, until I am fluently multilingual walking worlds between worlds, until I am polished and worthy though I may be nobody and nothing, until I am enough for the big dream and it is big enough for me to comprehend and then serve. Between and betwixt here and there I serve my tribe, and share with them this vibe, and we rise and fall and rise again, ebbing and flowing into our humanity, unlimited to humankind, extending out into the span of the vast universe boisterously, rollicking, directly, generously, and unabashedly::

I am Earth Woman and I vote for choices and decisions that are inclusive and considerate of the impact generations ahead on my children and theirs alongside of our non-human neighbours in this marvelous mesh that we are cohabiting and cocreating minute by second by nanosecond.

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