The Heedless Girl

There once was a pretty, young woman who lived in a little cottage off a country lane. Her name was Sseldaed, and she was vain and arrogant. One day, a poor beggar wandering through the country lanes stopped at Sseldaed’s door to ask for food. “Pooh!” exclaimed Sseldaed at the sight of the beggar, and... Continue Reading →

Seductive Lure

Along a lonely road in a forest, there was a pool. In the pool lived five nymphs. The nymphs swam in the pool during the day and slept at night. They were naked and slender and pale. Dark hair spilled over their shoulders and deep, beautiful eyes stole the souls of men. The nymph’s were... Continue Reading →

Sense or Sensibility?

There is a magical realm in a world that humans cannot see. In the realm live children that never age, each possessing a unique talent. The children were happy and content, able to do whatever they wished without harming anything. They were tended to and cared for by two Matrons, Sense and Order. Because the... Continue Reading →


There once was a boy. His name was Mark. His mother had abandoned Mark when he was a baby and put him in a lake to drown. But he had not drowned. Mermaids lived in the lake. Mermaids that liked a toy to tease and abuse. They had entrapped Mark in a magical net that... Continue Reading →

The Orange Witch and The Goldfish

Fury overtook the Orange Witch when her sweetheart fell in love and became engaged to the ordinary Mrs. Gniveirg. How could any man be enamored with an ordinary woman over a witch, pretty and young and full of magic? The Orange Witch did not take into account that Love was at work where she could... Continue Reading →


His name was Lavadil. He was tall and fair and blue-eyed. His son was eight, and his name was Seshal. Seshal had no mother; she had died in a drow raid, giving her life to save him. Seshal did not speak much, haunted by that day, but that was okay; his father understood him without... Continue Reading →

Chasing Waves

Brilliance is its own reward The Sun glanced off my shining shield And all those who gazed upon me Were blinded by my audacity. My helm was tall, my spear was sharp I strummed the strings on my golden harp My flag bore the shape of a silver whale The ocean is from where I... Continue Reading →


There once was a very plain staircase that wound upwards through a wooded garden. It belonged to a king that lived in a palace not far away. One day the princess was playing hide-and-seek with her playmates and, as she ran to hide, she saw the staircase and thought it would be a good place... Continue Reading →

Into a Dream

There once was a plain pink rock. It was a rose quartz and it lay in a stream under a thin, flat rock. It glowed very faintly but no one ever saw the glow and took it out of the muddy glop under the rock that imprisoned it. Now in a cottage not far from... Continue Reading →

The Girl Who Longed to Walk

Once there was an ill girl named Zareen. All her life she had only ever lain in a bed by a window, longingly watching her brother play outside in the sun. One day she could not bear it and she called her brother to her and said, "Dear brother, go and find me someone who... Continue Reading →

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