Winter Art and Craft Bazaar

A little taste of our first showing, came completely by surprise through the local newspaper . . . which Layla reads with a comb most thorough.  She saw the call for artists for the bazaar hosted by the Buena Vista Arts Council, first I’d heard of it!  Followed through by calling the number and next thing we were toting boxes with all our makings to set up a table, which was super fun to do up a little nook in a big space amongst other artists.  When we were done it looked like so:

We trooped down for the opening night, crispy cold and brrrrrrrr but excitement does wonders in warming a body, as well as adding roses to the cheeks, ‘all natural’ heat and make up!  There were a number of artists with photographs, paintings, applique, quilts, and even soaps, and people coming and going from the busy sidewalks (a parade of cars was doing their thing with lit up vehicles, lights, horns, honking, costumery, music, and jangles the same night); next step is going back down the mountain to clear up the space. 🤗

Comments welcome . . .

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