Dancing with Mercury


Gather up art supplies,go with what that piques curiousity, while trusting the curiousity. Listening to Mercury is what’s being explored visually, how we listen . . .to the materials and ideas as the way we’re conveying and expressing. Collage fodder, paint, pastels, pencils, go through and pick it all, prepare before getting groovy together . .. dancing requires listening to your partners body language yeah . . . keep books with pictures and poems or anything that’s arousing and interesting now. Pick out collage imagery or words that are interesting to you, maybe flowing with how Mercury interests you or speaks with you or the sign its in or the house. Trust the curiousity, all the images don’t have to be used, but when they do, it’ll be more intentional than other free form collages, rather than paste and flow, deliberate, slow, then paste, and flow. Look at the page and listen to the ideas that come, allow the associations, trust them, as well as the pauses. Begin by building an environment . . . listen to what comes up and move with it toward the question mark curiously trusting.

Picked green acrylics and white, a bit of yellow, teal india ink to start out . . . .

5.10.17 Full Moon In Libra

Went back to the base ground, base camp, and glued in the images I selected. Seems like infants like to pop up with Mercury, les enfants! Dark backgrounds, books and ladders, something red in hand, exploring high places, climbing down . . . . Pluto’s near Mercury, in the same house and sign . . . same as MoonTick tock goes the clock, 3:10, is that the exact time I was born? Curved heads, not Swans this time, but head to head . . . let’s see what happens further along . . .

5.14.17 Blue Self Existing Monkey

Moved to move over collage elements. The two people holding hands walking, the babies, the pattern, the clock, and the headboard top: heads butting?; popped out. Went with blues over the patterns to begin, then browns, and two beasts emerged, head to head . . .

5.15.17 Yellow Overtone Human

. . . pulled out some details with watercolor pencils, see how it stitches together . . . is one beast pregnant with baby, inner child carried there? All the elements are threaded and woven from a loom, the stories we tell, move toward, away from, crawl, totter, teeter, alone or with helpers and teachers . . . .

Changed up the colors, shifting to maroon and yellows, singing in more designs beginning with the baby in belly, turning into a waistcoat almost, the other baby crawling out the pages of a book; the trees joined the clock::time as an organic rythym connected and part of the stream of flow . . .

5.16.17 Red Rythmic Skywalker

Time the organic stream moving on endings beginnings, my story not my story, new story, old story, moving moving partial story, whole story, greening growing glowing golden; time: a conversation this time with Mercury, 8th House with Pluto and Moon in Virgo . . .

Comments welcome . . .

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