Side by Side

The old one blushes
Her young friend’s gaze is open
Curious flowers


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      1. Enjoyed your post – I didn’t know that about trilliums! They mostly grow in the wild here, but they’re rare otherwise. We had a couple in the yard when I was a kid and I never noticed that they had berries once they were done blooming. My mom said that the flower must never be picked, or they won’t bloom again for seven years. Don’t know if that’s just a myth or if it’s true.
        Anyway, funny your adventure! Apparently they weren’t poisonous?

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      2. They blanket the slopes here at around 1500 feet, pink white the rare reds, haven’t seen as many in the flatlands. Have heard that about the flowers too 🌸 They’re not poisonous per se, though not edible as food either; midwives use it in combination with cohosh roots to make a labor tincture (from where it gets the name birthroot) . . . funnily, I have a friend who is a midwife, when she heard about my trillium adventure she told me she happened to have ginseng roots her father had dug and dried, so we wound up trading roots!

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