Blue Solar Eagle 8.16.19

Run children, run,
From the shackles of tradition
From the romance that hangs heavy as a weeping bride’s veil
Beaded with diamonds and pearls
A noose upon her head, a chain to pull her by her nose,
Placed there by mothers and grandmothers
All bound to a tradition that they know nothing of
It’s origins, how it came to be, what its purpose was
In the beginning and now having changed
Morphed and shifted over centuries they perpetuate
This word ‘tradition’ that is a web of their own making
No longer resembling what it once was
Nor how it served
Only that it serves still
The meager thoughts
By which they keep it alive

Run children run
From these witches with their shackles
From their insistence that traditions must be upheld
Who croon narcotic stories bound to make you sluggish
With yearning to be swept inside a warm cocoon
From which you’ll be hard pressed to emerge
Under the weight of those diamonds and pearls
Hanging heavy upon your head

Run children run
Into the wild woods where frogs and toads await
Run into their embrace and kiss them
Though they may not turn into princes or princesses
They’ll share their songs with you
Through their eyes see the world and live
A life beyond the confines of tradition

Run children run
Turn your faces to the sun
Leave tradition behind and plug your ears with cricket song
When the witches start plying their tales
Listen in your heart to this
They do not know what it is to live without tradition
They do not know what it is to create what becomes tradition
They do not know that they do not know
They do not know what you know
You know this

You shape your own destiny when you walk away from whatever confines the stirrings within your own soul even though it may be the most difficult thing you do yet you do it anyway because you know to trust the pulse that guides you above all else

You shape your own destiny when you listen to the songs within your own soul, closely paying attention to what they have to tell you about everything

You shape your own destiny when you question everything outside yourself, checking it against your own songline, yes, when you question even this, what I am telling you now

Run children run
Feel the wind catch your hair and play with the locks
Feel the openness of Mother Earth as she receives your feet
Feel Woodpeckers drum beat from in your heart
Feel the sun warm your back as you run

Run children run
Have fun and enjoy the places you’ll go
Feel the water when you dive in and swim
Now swim children swim
In and out and through the waves
Into the purple galaxies where you’ll see that you are stars
Sun, moon, earth, water, fire, air, spirit
You are everything and everything is you
Beckoning you to come
Come children come

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