Farmers Say Their Chicks Were Abducted by Bald Eagles!

Farmers Josh and Jane Hill of Keep It Simple Farms say that now their chickens are back they don’t need cats. May 14th 2017, a pair of bald eagles abducted Silky and Bo, their young hen and rooster! Turns out the bald eagles had lost their nestlings to a mountain lion and in their grief flew away with the poultry, only to adopt them and raise them as their own!

May 14th 2019, two years later, the missing chicks returned, fully grown with a dozen young of their own, surprising the farmers. “Who knew”, says Jane, “That chickens are so clever?” Birds with a brain, this pair found their way home after two years away, with more surprises in store! “They hunt rodents,” says Josh, “Swoop down on mice and voles, shred them apart in seconds. “We don’t need cats anymore”, says Jane, “Between Silky, Bo, and their babies we don’t have anymore pest problems.”

The farmers say the chickens team up and hunt down rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons together, so no more plants disappearing from the gardens! They’re even training the rest of the flock! The predatory chickens roost in trees, where sometimes perched beside them are the bald eagles, who come to visit!

With chickens like these, the farmers say, God is evidently at work. Scientists are already pounding at their doors to study and research the unusual birds, setting up breeding programs to see if they can replicate the phenomenon! Considering the decline of cats, with the SPCA spay and neuter policies, chickens like these may well be the mousing pet of the future! Out with the old, in with the new, cock a doodle do!

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