Mushroom Magic

Do you remember when you first saw them
Growing high up in the hemlocks,
Bulging off the sides out of reach
And you climbed,
Scraping knees and elbows,
While they kept moving further away an arm’s length at a time
Until you came back down to ground
With a skirt full of holes.

Then a few springs later after the rains,
While the pink and red trilliums nodded
Near your feet you saw them again
Fruiting profusely, high and low,
Trunks pregnant with color
Within arm’s reach everywhere
You turned and there they were
Smiling with waxy lips spilling secrets
Generously filling your skirts.

You may wonder,
If this isn’t communication what is?
You may wonder,
Is magic a language,
Communication magical,
Not confined to words
Spilling from lips?

Comments welcome . . .

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