Mixed Media Acrylic on 8″ x 8″ Canvas

blossoming doesn’t stop,
nor do the butterflies cease their flight
despite heavy rain.
they may be a little worse for the wear,
a bit drenched even,
yet the odds are
they pick themselves up
as the sun shines down
touching the treetops of a steamy world
ready to kiss the warming glow.

This intuitive mixed media painting was inspired by by butterflies, transformation, covid19, and the masks that were worn and the ones that adorned, even before coronavirus I recall seeing many masked faces, just not as obvious or as physical as today . . .. it is part of a Brave New World Series inspired by the happenings around the globe this year, 2020, that are having a butterfly effect of bringing us all together as humanity ( is my hope).

Blossom emerged on 8” x 8” canvas covered first in layers of paper, prayers, and collage elements, then painted and infused with handcrafted citrine essence dropped into brush water.

Comments welcome . . .

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