Buddy’s Car Place: where treasures lie in wait.

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We made our first pilgrimage to what we call Buddy’s Car Place this morning.  Buddy, or Bud as he is often called, is an old time resident of these mountains.  Not quite a redneck, nor a hillbilly, he’s something quite unique to these parts and we just call him old timey.  And yes, he’s old too.  His family won’t let him live up here all alone, on account of there being ‘no law in these mountains’, so he lives in the city with his daughter and drives up to his old homeplace regularly.  We have permitted free access to his land, where we play and forage in equal measure.

There are morels, a trout pond, an old apple orchard, violets, dandelions, ginseng, the creek, and best of all:  the Car Place, which at it’s best is a glorified junk yard filled with cars that are piled inside and bursting out with junk.  He brings it all up from ‘down there’ and, for reasons unknown to me, stashes it all in his cars.  Bags of beer cans, tires, shoes, clothes, lawn mowers, parts, plates, you name it and there’s some to be found, and heaven of heavens:  there are toys!!  So the children sort through the new trash to find things to play with and add it to the already sorted pile of shopping cart, pedal car, helicopters, jets, trucks, and what nots.  Today they decorated a pine tree with tinsel and christmas ornaments.  Great fun!

While they played I found my treasure: coltsfoot.  I picked flowers, which went home with us and were tinctured for use later in the year.  There’s always something for everyone at Buddy’s Car Place, and it’s only a 3/4 mile hike from our house to back in the woods behind his old homeplace :0)  Fresh air, sunshine, excercise, and junk to dig through . . . . .what more could one ask for I say??!!

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