Johnny and The 3 Goats

What a wonderful week at the schoolhouse!  We’ve been walking there at around 10 and come back between 12 and 12:30.  We start out with a circle outside, circled by poplar stumps; a song, some stretching out, up, down, and shaking.

Began the week by telling the story of Johnny and The Three Goats.  While I told it, Tenderfoot wrote a list of words as she heard them in the story.  Stormy and Little Bird listened, and Little Man arranged upper and lower case letter cards in alphabet order.  Once the story was over, Stormy and Little Bird illustrated it on their chalkboards and Tenderfoot used wax to make the fox and rabbit.  During this time, I played a card-pull game with Little Man:  he pulls a random alphabet card out and names five words beginning with that letter.  When we were done it was lunch time, so we came back home and baked the bread we set up before leaving to have with purple tomatoes and cheese.

Started the second day with the same circle, followed by a game of oranges and lemons.  Inside, Tenderfoot wrote the story as she remembered it, Stormy and Little Bird made trees with wax, and I worked with Little Man on the card-pull game again, this time writing down one word from each pull on the chalkboard.  He colored a picture on his chalkboard while Stormy and Little Bird painted outside on the easel.  Again the morning seemed to come to an end surprisingly quickly, so home it was for a wheat berry lunch tossed with red cabbage and fermented turnips.

Third day round, after circle time we headed in and Tenderfoot read the story as she had written it out aloud.  Then we had a long discussion about goats, rabbits, foxes, and bees: where they lived, what they eat, how they move.  We’ve all seen them countless times, so had quite an engaged discussion.  When that was over Tenderfoot wrote about each animal and Little Man practiced drawing each one.  The younger two were busy painting outside again, played a few games, and soon it was lunchtime.

Today Tenderfoot baked cookies by herself while the rest of us went to the schoolhouse.  She joined us for circle time and her heart was elsewhere, so she returned home to find her focus.  Little Man copied the story summary, illustrated, into his Main Lesson Book.  Little Bird fiddled with everything in her desk.  Stormy made a few pictures and chose to see if she could copy the words from the storyboard (I had tacked it onto a wall) into her book, and we came home a bit earlier today, to be greeted by the smell of peanut butter cookies 🙂

A grand yet simple week, where everyone was engaged in something to suit them individually, simultaneously (that’s the hard part . . . . doing 2 hours of work with 4 children, feels like 8 hours of energy compressed into two!!).  Onward, ho!

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  1. How old is Tenderfoot that she’s baking by herself? How fantastic! It sounds like your family is having a fantastic school year already. It’s wonderful to hear you tell of them!


    1. Fox, she’s a very enabled ten year old. . . loves to bake cookies, scramble eggs, fry them and make fried egg/cheese/tomato sandwiches, and boil them to make egg salad; has been in the kitchen with me since birth (all our kids have been) . . . you could say they’ve all learned how to feed themselves before delving into reading, writing, or arithmetic in an educational sense, sort of. I just can’t get over how children soak up everything and squeeze it out for the world to see, then soak up again, (psy)chycically . . . .all children, everywhere, all the time!!

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      1. It is just amazing what kids soak up! My daughter’s not far behind on cooking and baking. Our main concern is our gas stove, once we get the conversion for propane. Gas stoves are known to be unpredictable and we want to make sure it’s going to be safe and reliable before we let her use it for much. We’ve already had one blow with a huge fireball and we were lucky Oz only got singed. I’ve been criticized a LOT about letting her cook for herself, and letting the older two boys make their own meals. It’s good to know that I’m not the only mom out there allowing my kids the freedom to not just do for themselves as they choose, but to engage in activities they love as they prove capable. I think it’s fantastic that you allow your 10 year old to have such freedom!

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