There once was a very plain staircase that wound upwards through a wooded garden. It belonged to a king that lived in a palace not far away.
One day the princess was playing hide-and-seek with her playmates and, as she ran to hide, she saw the staircase and thought it would be a good place to hide. She started to climb, wondering if the stairs led to a tower or dais on the top of a mountain.
She climbed and climbed, using the banister to help her along the slippery parts. And then the stairs ended and before her was a beautiful land full of flowers and fountains. She saw dogs with bushy tails prancing around blue pools and ran to play, forgetting all about her playmates.
Hours passed and at last the princess, tired out, hopped onto the banister and sailed down in spirals, squealing with delight. When she returned to the palace, everyone was very happy to see her and asked where she had been.
The princess opened her mouth to tell her friends about the magical place and then stopped. What if her father wanted to capture all the dogs and lock the lovely place away so that no one could enjoy it?
So she only said, “I got lost in the woods.”
The next day Eveleen, the princess, once again took her friends to play. This time she closed er eyes and counted. The children ran off to hide and one of them, Fyla, came to the staircase. And just like Eveleen, she thought it would be a good place to hide up and started to climb. When she reached the top, she saw a lovely cloud. On the cloud was a coaster car waiting for her to get in and ride. Fyla climbed in and the car whizzed away, over the sea, bathing her in water and over the lands. She got to fly with the pigeons and run with the wolves.
At last she returned and, when the king questioned her, she said, “Oh, your highness! I was captured by bandits in the woods and i had to run away!”
The next day, Fyla had to count and away ran her friends, Eveleen, Nectar, Snow, Thyrin and Gelvush.
This time Nectar came to the staircase and began to climb. She found a field of flowers at the top and ran among them. She upset the fairies there and they swarmed around her head, their magical dust lifting her from her feet and taking her up into the clouds.
Nectar felt as though she could not tell the king of the lovely place as she descended the stair and, when the king asked her where she had been, she said, “I fell into a pit and i had to climb out.”
The next day it was Snow who found the staircase and she found a land of snow and ice at the top. She jumped into the sleigh that awaited her and away she soared over the snow. She skied and ice-skated on frozen ponds, accompanied by laughing snow witches.
She to told the king upon her return, “Your majesty, i lost myself in a patch of briars.”
Thyrin found the staircase the next day and climbed to the very top. Before her was a magnificent steed with a golden saddle and bridle. She climbed up onto its majestic back and away they cantered, over waves of gold and silver. Thyrin saw the mermaids and stags. Then her steed plunged into the waves and she saw the dolphins and whales.
When she returned, she told the king, “I had to run away from a wild boar and i fell and twisted my ankle.”
Gelvush found the stair as she ran to hide and up she went, falling into the lake at the top. She grew a tail and swam the lake, diving off the waterfalls and rushing below the waves again.
She told the king, “I found a lovely patch of flowers and stopped to play.”
Then all the girls went and gathered in the garden, all preparing to tell their secret.
“I found a magical stair that lead to the most marvelous land of bushy dogs!” Eveleen said.
“I found a magical stair that leads to the most marvelous land of clouds!” Fyla said.
“I found a magical stair that leads to the most marvelous land of flowers! Nectar said.
“I found a magical stair that leads to the most marvelous land of snow!” Snow said.
“I found a magical stair that leads to the most marvelous land of waves!” Thyrin said.
“I found a magical stair that leads to the most marvelous land of mermaids!” Gelvush said.
Then all the girls looked at each other and laughed.


This story was inspired by a writing prompt I was invited to, and if any of you reading feel inspired to join feel free to do so.

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