Fire. Earth. Water. Air.

7.2.17 Yellow Magnetic Sun

But now another view on the elements and their directions and relationships coming through dream imagery:: imagine there is nothing except a circle. Deep inside at its core it is molten, fiery, hot. The crust that holds all that flame is Earth. The entire surface however is covered with Water. The Whole is in the embrace of Air, the atmosphere that keeps it in its orbit and place in space.

Out of the core, the spark emerges, the potential, through a crack or a crevice it bubbles out and up from through the crust where it roots, implants and is nourished in the amniotic Water while it grows; lastly it crowns and emerges to show its face to Air and breath.

Directionally, this is Fire in the East, the new beginning, the initiative, the heat that cracks open Earth’s crust and burns with nothing but ambition to live and grow. This is Fire energy at its most primal, prehistoric, at the core; it is Fire that is self-generating with will to live and energy so powerful it’ll erupt from under all those heavy Earth layers and cool off and be tempered into shape and form by Water, then detaching it let’s go and floats out into Air where it is something entirely different than that primal spark that motivated it . . . . without thought or feeling, simply raw action and instinct . . . to ignite!

Earth is South::the base, the placenta, the container from within which this spark comes forth in multiple ways::from within to without, Earth holds that spark inside and outside until it is time for the umbilicus to be surrendered and set free! Earth is the ember keeper, the one who Keeps the Flame, Earth is the Flame Feeder, the one who feeds the flame and grows the Fire, even when it causes a ring of fire to come and burn. Earth is the giver and receiver. Earth is the Mother. Fire. Earth.

Water is the West. Water is the midwife. Water is the nurse. Water surrounds this new creation while it is growing. Once the fiery impetus has occurred, explosive, immediate, there is a resting period, a waiting period while the changing growing transforming happens, and Earth is the nourishment while Water is the nurturing, the softness, the floating, they are both necessary:::they are the smithy at work in the forge, the cook stirring the cauldron, the gardener tending seeds, they combine and when the work is done, boosh! They give up the new creation, disperse it, and at once receive it for the duration of its life, forever it will be reliant upon Earth and Water to sustain and nourish and nurture it, until it has run its course and returns to whence it came.

It is upon its completion that it rises up to the surface, steps out and breathes, inhales and exhales that fourth element, Air, in the North, the new element in its life play upon which it will also from the moment of first breath rely on to live. Yet at this point, while life is provided for, it has to apply itself to bring together providence for itself, on its own feet or wings and again, tune in to that fierce, fiery determination to live and make it happen::providence gives abundantly what life needs, but no longer is it attached and fed and nourished or nurtured and cared for in ways that require nothing of it::here comes reciprocity, response, now the new creation has to activate to live, it can no longer float in amniotic water and somnabulize and dream while fed by a placenta, by Earth’s care giving::it has to engage with its own will and force to bring abundance together and be its own care giver!!

From Fire:life:reliant on Earth, Water, and Air to live! What a beautiful cycle of correlation and togetherness, how did we ever imagine ourselves to not BE Nature?? We are Nature as surely as anything else, we are created as a combination of efforts and energies and substances that bind us with Nature as closely as anything else alive!! And in this circle, Fire is East. Earth is South. Water is West. Air is North.

I find this resonates deeply, even though switching Water and Air also does, and I feel as though both are valid; depending on what is being worked with one would choose which understanding is current. It could be that there are other arrangements that may come as far as placement goes with time and change and transformation. This one I sense is the first, before anything, when there was nothing but a fire burning within a water covered seed orbiting in atmosphere, long long long ago. Fire. Earth. Water. Air. With birth and life cycles it holds. With time and evolution we also have overlapping: Fire. Earth. Air. Water. As a presentation that is applicable Now. This too may change. I sense that the first one however will not, and is how the Earth regenerates itself regardless of dinosaur or humans or wappadumdeees occupying it. Maybe.

Maybe we’re not really ‘born’ as we think we are when we are, but are simply released to Air for finishing and not knowing this we think, oh here we are, so able and capable and full of ourselves, but really we’re in another step of transforming under and with the care of Air. What happens when we’re done? Who is the cook that decides we’re finished? Whenever and whoever::what we call death may be what happens next . . . and it may not be as we ‘think’ it either but something else all together! It was a vibrant dreaming that gave much in the way of food, feeling, and thoughts integrating.

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