From Thursday, To Monday

Red Planetary Serpent


While I am sure you would prefer to be placated, frankly your message alarms me. For once I am in agreement with most of our siblings. Is your obsession with mortals fueled by desire to outdo Friday? If it is rivalry that drives you, then indeed, it is beyond petty and has nothing to do with loving and caring for them as you claim; more so you are using them in self-serving ways for your own gain.

Glorification? Monday you are eroding your relationship with Friday, who is unaware of the sentiments you harbor and loves you in her unique fashion. She makes no efforts enthralling mortals as you indicated, rather she puts her all into providing beauty.  You are aware, having been so near them, that most have a keen appreciation for this and she richly delivers, to their immense joy. Do they exalt and glorify her or do they aspire to model themselves after what they believe her to be? She has but to turn her gaze and dormant seeds lift themselves up and bloom in greeting. When she looks upon squalor, breezes come and blow away the stench. She is dazzled by what she beholds and is herself dazzling Monday, it is who she is, and the mortals, even the elements, are bedazzled by her.  Are you faulting her for being who she is? Your ‘competition’, as Tuesday implied, is one sided and ludicrous; how can Wednesday not laugh? And you are no drab mouse; our brother intends to inflame you for his own insidious purposes, using your emotions to his advantage.  Even in your current state, you must realize he thrives on conflict; I urge you not to fall into his trap.

I believed your interest in the earthbound peoples was born from love dear sister, that you had a bond of deep affection for and with them which was the incentive for all you do . . . free from the regard humans have for acclaim, reward, recognition, and applause; am I mistaken? Methinks they are rubbing off on you adversely instead of the other way around. Perhaps the time has come, Monday, to withdraw until you are clear, then you may perceive what it is you love, sincerely, and give yourself away to it without festering resentment toward Friday.

I am happy that you are on your way to see me and am looking forward to our visit.  The only company I have had in an age are Gryffon’s; majestic creatures who tell me they are ancestors to the group of mortals known as eagle, hawk, vulture, owl, and lion.  They find it peculiar that we have no ancestors, if you would like to visit them during your short stay I can arrange a meeting.

Your concerned brother,


P.S Would you bring some more of those orange filled chocolate delicacies? My sweet tooth will be dancing with delight!

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