Blue Eagle

Blue Self-Existing Eagle 10.15.19

I do not know other than within me something stirs,
A mixing of grandmothers and mothers
Around me, a shield of women (and men as well)
Holding spoons going round and round
Chanting some young some ancient song,
As old as mountains and dusty golden sand
Glinting leaves where treefolk in the middle step out,
All bidding me walk, gather, and create upon ground,
On a rock near a body
Of water where fish swim,
Sun dappled and holy,
Inhale light through soles and head
From near and far flung places in the stars
Where pink haired meteors streak across the sky
A shower of Light light light delight
Inhale this deep directly held in the heart
Body light body light rivers flow through
Recalibrating frequencies-
I am energy, light energy, resonating love into and through
The rocks, crevices, pulsing purpose by way of flowers,
Leaves, seeds, stalks, everything purposed to love
Consecrated in an ancient way-
Though I do not know words to ceremonial ritual
Just this simple stepping out when stirred by ancient songs
Pulsing through and from my heart
Visions of all the beautiful vibrating possibilities
They’ll guide me toward shaping
Through doors opened by treefolk
Leading to blessed endings and bright beginnings.

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