Indigo Eyes

3.19.16 Transforming Blue Storm Wavespell

Inside Indigo depths

A never sleeping orb

Always awake

All ways at work

All seeing eye perceiving all directions simultaneously perfectly inside and outside hearts, minds, bodies, souls, spirits through all realms and beings, shapes and forms, transversing dimension, time, space, substance, matter, sense, and sensibility

There is nothing obscuring the Indigo Eye’s Vision

Indigo’s Eye sees All, Indigo Eye sees no thing

Al-Khabir, The All-Aware’s domain

Al-Basir, The Seer of All’s domain

Hawk, bird with vision, come bring clarity to dreams and walkabouts, to messages coming from Spirit’s lip to my eye, my ears are inclined toward Source, listening in sight full with As Samee ul Basir (The Hearer and Seer of All) and As Samee un Qareeb (The Hearer Near), seeking As Samee ul Aleem (Hearing Wisdom).

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